Innovations Electric Transition: Our Favorites 2022

  • 4 minutes de lecture

Time2Plug would like to put under the spotlight four innovative companies that we discovered in 2022. They all deal with various subjects: smart charging, electric fleet optimization, electric consumption efficiency, and electric vehicle’s maintenance. Find out about Tilt, Nelson, Bia, and Revolte: our 2022 electric mobility startup revelations!


The rise of electric vehicles will not only increase the global need in electricity but will also add another component to an already complex electric grid: charging stations. Therefore, optimizing the flux between all these elements in order to lower the amount of energy losses is a major endeavor. 

Tilt is addressing this challenge, on a company-large scale, where several components that produce, store and consume energy are present.


In order to match their CSR pledges, and to participate in the collective effort of decarbonizing our transportation system, companies are increasingly turning towards electrifying their fleets. This process requires mastering a brand new ecosystem where liters become kWh, and simple gas stations turn into complex charge maps… Several decisions are to be undertaken, which can lead to as many errors. 


Within that context, Nelson’s mission is to accompany companies in this crucial and complex step: the electrification of their fleet of vehicles.




The upcoming massive electrification of fleets is bound to increase the global demand for electricity. Not only will companies’ electrical requirements grow, but the kWh’s price will climb as well. Hence, optimizing the electrical consumption becomes a key challenge to reduce companies’ electric bills. Furthermore, it generates corollary benefits on a national/international level as it reduces the global load on the electric grid. 


Bia was created in that regard: to accelerate the electrification of fleets from the charging perspective via a cloud solution of energy optimisation.


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